Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Busy (and Ornery) Opening to April

The first week of the month included some April fooling, an appointment and an appearance.

I don't usually participate in April Fool pranks but I did this year, on my Facebook page. I made an announcement that I had accepted a position as executive director of the Lirpa County History Museum in Loof, KY. I figured everyone would see right through the Lirpa (April) and Loof (Fool), especially after I commented that both the county and town were a little "backward." Still, some of my friends bit and bit hard, to the point that they were planning goodbye parties (maybe they WANTED to see me go?) I 'fessed up before it got too far, but it's a good thing it happens only once a year.

Sunday I showed up at Fort Omaha to take on a little additional work, but work I think will be enjoyable and enriching - I am one of the new members of the Douglas County Historical Society board of directors! I had asked friends on the board about the possibility of filling a slot if one came open, and wouldn't you know it, my timing was perfect - a couple of the members had just completed their terms, so I found out about my appointment about four days before the annual meeting! I'm truly looking forward to this - I've already been named to the marketing committee so I'll have a chance to help promote the Gen. Crook House, the DCHS resources and special events. Join today to make sure YOU don't miss out!

And today (Wed., April 8) I gave my first presentation on the forts along the Union Pacific Railroad, with the Council Bluffs Public Library as the premiere site. This was sponsored by the Gen. Dodge House, which held it at the library since the ballroom of the house involves some climbing to get there. The library is a great facility, however, and there was a fairly good-sized audience that showed up: more than 25, including my sister-in-law Andrea; Jeff, an old buddy of mine from Glenwood, Iowa; and K.J. (aka Krystal), a former favorite co-worker of mine who's now at the Council Bluffs Nonpareil. Good, good times.

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