Monday, May 17, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened While at the Gun Show...

I set up a table at the Fremont Gun Show last weekend, my second time there. The crowds weren't as big as last November and the sales weren't quite as good, but I was quite amazed by the people I ran into.

The first was Paul Stevenson, a long-time friend from Nebraska City and husband of my kid's pre-school teacher; the kids are all in their mid-20s now, so that tells you how long we've known each other.

The next encounter goes back even further - I was absolutely stunned to see two professors of mine from the University of Nebraska - Thomas Spann (at left), my J-school adviser, and George Tuck, my freshman year photography instructor. I told Professor Tuck that he was somewhat to credit or blame for the book as I did my own photography for it; he reciprocated by buying a copy for his brother.

Finally, I ran into Jon Carey, an old buddy of mine from when I worked at HDR. Not so long since I last saw him, but we had plenty to catch up on from the big changes taking place back at the ol' shop.

Fairly quiet in May with only one appearance (on the 20th) at the O'Neill Public Library. VERY busy getting ready for my 10 appearances in June by creating new historic military maps for the Dakota Territory and Wyoming. I think these should go over well in both states and am ordering plenty for both customers and museums.

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