Thursday, June 12, 2008

Learning Google 101

I was emailing with Kyle, my editor at Stackpole, about the website. At one point he asked why my name and book wasn't showing up in his web search.

That was a good question - I was so excited to see both showing up in searches for other sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble that I never stopped to wonder why wasn't showing up.

So a good portion of my day today was spent learning about "meta tags" and "keywords" and how to add them to my site so that it WILL show up in searches and I'll get more hits. Go Daddy's marketing talked me into adding something called "Traffic Blazer" to boost it even more, so I should know by this evening if it's all working.

I also added a "security certificate" to the site so people can order with confidence. So please order with confidence! ;-)

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