Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July weekend - It's ups and downs (so far)

The Fourth was great! My interview on KFAB's "Good Morning Show" with Roger Olson and Scott Vourhees came off well (i.e., no crash and burn). Roger opened with how we got our "Blind Roger" and "Blind Jeff" tags from regular host Gary Sadlemeyer. We talked about visiting the forts that are close to home, especially Fort Atkinson, and Roger talked about my article in Nebraska Life on the fort. Scott needed some clarification on Fort Omaha, so I talked about its role in the Plains Indian Wars, then we talked about the living history demonstrations at Forts Atkinson, Kearny and Hartsuff. Ended up with some plugs for the Bookworm and my website, as well as Amazon sales. Fun time! Greg Wagner from Nebraska Game and Parks was on next - we talked for quite a bit in the hallway and I gave him a copy for reference (and for possible future sales at their visitor center). And, when I got home, there was a online sale waiting for me from a listener in Plattsmouth!

Went down to the Ralston parade later to meet with Sen. Ben Nelson, ex-boss and foreword writer. He signed a few copies for my mom to use for fundraisers and expressed his hope to make it for the July 13 event at Fort Omaha. Hope so, but he's a busy guy!

Great time with the Barnes clan out at the family farm with brother Rick manning the grill. Mom continues to be my best personal sales rep as she passed along the names of other neighbors needing copies - I also donated one to the hometown (Yutan) library.

Today I was doing some photography for Nebraska Life magazine down at Indian Cave State Park, about an hour and a half from home. I got some great shots, including a "fire halo" from one of the blackpowder reenactor's pistols which I've NEVER been able to get before. Nice day - until I attempted to download the memory card and a glitch wiped out EVERYTHING on it! I felt sick (and still do). Can't bill for photos that don't exist, but still want them. I almost wished I was still shooting in film!

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